He is the Co-head of the High-Performance Scientific Computing Laboratory (http://hpsclab.uniparthenope.it) research group.

Research interests on HPC, cloud computing, and GPU virtualization applied to computational environmental science: multi-dimensional geo-referenced big data, distributed computing, scientific workflows, science gateways, embedded, mobile, wearable, pervasive computing, and the Internet of Things.

He is a member of the Center for Monitoring and Modeling Marine and Atmosphere applications (CMMMA).

Member of the Center for Robust Decision-making on Climate and Energy Policy (RDCEP).

Member of the Research Center of European Private Law (ReCEPL).

Member of Neptun-IA Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory for the Artificial Intelligence at the Sea (http://neptunia.uniparthenope.it).

The main results were achieved in the following research fields:

  • Geographic Information Systems for marine and atmosphere applications;
  • High-performance parallel computing and applications for environmental modeling;
  • Design and development of middle-ware for grid computing applications;
  • Cloud Computing middle-ware and tools for environmental data management and processing;
  • General-purpose Graphics Processing Units virtualization;
  • Workflows in support of large-scale science;
  • Internet of (Floating) Things;
  • Artificial Intelligence for environmental applications (prediction of intense weather events, contamination in mussels, sub-grid phenomena).